Saturday, July 18, 2009

My last post

To those who touched my heart and soul ..Thank you
To those who I might have hurted in any way ..I'm sorry

May god bless you all

Stay happy .. Stay safe

" We're all born the same, but some grow up to be unique while others still chose to be the same"
" Your past is not there to hold you down, but to remind you how strong you are to still be standing today "

"Always be the wise friend and the wiser enemy"
" I won't judge you today, tomorrow or 10 years from now.. god is here for that"
-Cooookies Al-Fortune

Friday, July 17, 2009

The wake up call ?

Shofay !! Look at this .. Farah snapped as she shoved the papers in my face. They were some test results. I scanned through them, I didn’t know who they belonged to but there was one thing I was sure of; that patient was a junkie, literally his blood was full of shit.

Tkhayelay tkhayelay he didn’t even deny it ! He's even an alcoholic !
Obviously Farah was pissed. I ,on the other hand, preferred to say nothing. She's new here, the newbies as we called them ( young trainees working in the hospital). Most of them have one thing in common, they think living in kuwait is like living in the PINK world. As for the rest of us, we've seen all of this before, its no big deal anymore. You just learn to face the facts. We DO NOT live in perfect world. However you chose to react to these things they are still there, you can either ignore them or face the fact. Its that simple.

Farah : He doesn’t even deserve treatment ! yaay mudmin mukhadarat oo sekeer oo yabe in3alja ?
Cooookiez : Why was he admitted again ?
Farah : minor complications after kidney transplant. God I hope his body rejects that kidney ! mayistahil`ha !!
Cooookiez : …
Farah : wa7ed wasting his life yathlif yaskir and gets high 3ugb egool t3alaw 3aljone ! he just got himself a good kidney and there he is again working hard trying to damage it ! Ghaira yestahlonha 3al aqal they might turn out to be useful to the society ! mo hatha zyadat 3adad !! allah laywafgaa
Cooookiez : Yeah, well he did get the kidney now.. no point in wishing his body rejects it.. it'll be a total waste of a perfectly good kidney. Though yes I do agree, he doesn’t deserve treatment. malat !! 7asafa 3al kidney khathaha oo ibyatlifha now !! mayistahil ildeera itgi6 3alaih floos it3alja !! waste of time and money !

3 weeks later

A phonecall from Fara

Farah : You'll never guess what happened today
Cooookiez : what ?
Farah : I was driving and faja'a banchirat ilsayara 3alaiy.. ib3izz ilgayla ! Tewahagt 7adee !! Dgait 3la obooy, Anwaroo - her sister – and baitna no one picked up, foog hatha the driver's mobile was switched off and you know mybrothers are away with my mom.
Cooookiez : Ambaaih ! magroooda ! shsawiatay ?
Farah : entay sem3ay the rest.. 3ugb I called my dad again, I remembered he had a meeting fa I didn’t think he'd pick up bas gelt ajareb wil7emdella shalah ! Dgait getla 6ag 3alaiy banchr bas 6ab3an you'd think I'd be saved ? Laa lazim the stupidist things happen to me ! 6effa mobiley wana akalma !
Cooookiez : BULLSHIT ! Men 9ijich ? ana gayla men gabil inich gubisa !! sh9ar ?
Farah : Bechait !!! I told him kent on the 4th ring road bas not exactly where oo bass 6effa ! walla il3atheem cooookiez kan 7arr oo kheesa men il7arrah chan abchee bilsayara !
Cooookiez : LOOOOOOL !! priceless 7asafa I missed that !!!
Farah : 7tarait even more enah ma7ad wegaf !!! nass ray7een radeen no one even thought of stopping and asking whats wrong ! do we even have any gents left ? reyayeelna wainhum !!! ilmuhim .. 15minutes later 3ugb ma in6ebkht bil7arr .. Finally someone wegaf waray oo nezal yanee salam oo sa'al etha I needed help getla la thank you my dad is coming.
Rekab his car chan ered yanzil oo eyenene. He told me that I need to move my car.. 3la ma eyoone ahalee lazim a7rek`ha because anyone could come and crash into me ib hal mukan. Getla imbanchera akhaf I move it. He offered to move it for me fa nezalt oo 7arak`ha to the side. Then nezal galee ilsayara mo zain laha itkon shaqala oo wagfa ibhal 7arr. The car is too sensitive ! Tewahagt !! 9iij lai galaw the more u pay for a car the less useful it gets !!! He then asked me men metta I made the phonecall, tewahagt zyada oo kharb6t 3alaih inah yayeen! Shafnee metwahga chan egoole tfathelay ge3day in my car khal asaweelich ilbancher a7san.
METT MIN ILFASHLA !! I tried to talk him out of it ambaaih 7ade fteshalt cooookiez kan kheesa oo 7arr oo ilrayal ga3ed esawee banchar wana ga3da in his car with the a/c on laa wemshaqil 3abdu's CD ! Miskeen chafas chmoom deshdashta oo jabal my car !!
Cooookiez : Ma a9adig !! Jad wallah ?
Farah : Wqasaman bellah !! agoolich miskeen ga3ad e3abel ibsayarte bil7arr oo ana ga3adne ib his car.
Cooookiez: ya7laaailaa !! allah ekather men amthala ! waaiy 7abaaita !!
Farah : Sem3ay .. al7een tyeech ilsalfa ..3ugb 10minutes chethe we9al my dad. Apparently dag 3alla my sister oo he asked where I was fa khatha il6reej back home from the 4th ringroad. Cooookiez : hehe ya7laaila 3amii walla thakee ! sh9ar 3ugb ?
Farah : Sem3ay Sem3ay ..al7en ityeech il9adma.. my dad introduced himself oo tshakar menah oo blah blah .. and the guy introduced himself as Flan ilflani.. My dad 6ala3 e3arf oboh 3adel fa tshakar menah lilmara ilmalyoon and khatha his number then we left.
Cooookiez : il9adma ya3ne khatha his number ? a9lan shesawee feeh ?
Farah : intay terkay 3anich the number .. cooookies Flan il-flani ? ana mat`thakarta ila 3ugb ma we9alt ilbait !!!
Cooookiez : Why do you sound like I should know that name too?
Farah : He was the guy that was here a few weeks back .. the kidney transplant patient ? Cooookiez : woaa?
Farah : The one that we said he doesn’t deserve treatment ?
Cooookiez : or deserve the good kidney ?
Farah : the one I called mudmin and sekeer ? ile d3ait 3alaih ?
Cooookiez : oohh.. OOH ! shit !
Farah : yeah ..
Cooookiez : are you sure ? How come lama shefteeh ma3arfteeh ?
Farah : Thak ilyou kan yaay 7alta 7alla kanaw shayleena shayl to the hospital ! and bildishdasha welghetra shaklaa wayed ghair ! Agoolich ma 3araftaa.. mastaw3abt inah it was him ila men ilesim, 3ugb lama I checked his persoanl info from the file they matched this guy 7azat`ha ta'akdt it was him !
Cooookiez : *Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh*
Farah : Yeah ..

We remained quiet for a few seconds, I guess she was thinking what I was thinking. After hanging up I couldn't help but wonder.. 2 weeks ago we said he doesn't deserve the good kidney .. gharaih awlaa feeha – I know its improfessional and as a doctor I shouldn’t have thought that way but facts are ..I did - and uhwa mujarad zyadat 3adad 3la this society .. now .. agool allah ekathir men amthala ? men bed kil ilee maraw uhwa ile wegaf 7ag farah .. and helped her out even though he could have just left when she said that someone was coming for her.

I was ashamed of myself

Yes very ashamed

What gave me the right to judge him like that the other day ? it's his life and he could do whatver he wanted with it ! ana shako ?
Why do we judge people and force them to hide behind masks ?
Why cant we just accept everyone the way they are ?
Why cant we learn to respect and accept ?

Even though I thought I had a neutral opinion to such matters like this. That day proved that I don’t. If this is how I'm going to react then at the end Im like the majority of the people out there that Im trying to fight everyday.

People that think they can JUDGE others !
People that are making this society = hell.
People that make this place one of the UGLIEST places to live in.
People that live behind masks.

Yes I'm ashamed of myself
.. and Yet Im very thankful that all of this happened

This young man made me realize that sometimes even if we aren’t aware of it..

we change and get sucked up with the majority and lose our identity and thoughts even though we think we're not affected..
if we chose not to fight back and hold on to who we really are then ..

at the end..

we'll just end up being like them.

I hope after this day, that i'll never let my personal judgement interfere this way, atleast learn to keep it to myself and not having it effect anyone/anything else.

The Fortune Cookie of the day :

" I dont need to judge you .. today .. tomorrow .. or 10 years from now .. god is here for that " Cooookiez al Fortune